Let's now look at the hardware. We've mentioned the Ethernet switch already and the fact that this Ethernet switch needs to be managed and this would include command line interface access rather than just only SNMP manageable unmanaged switches mean an unmanageable ixp and unmanaged switches must be avoided at all times also insist that I experience connect a router port to the exchange point switch this avoids spanning tree and layer two security issues quite often some members would like to connect layer 3 switches to the exchange these are Ethernet switches which can do a little bit of routing IXPs are encouraged to discourage members from connecting these devices to the exchange part of course we can run port security on Mac filtering to protect the i-x and these are quite important to insist that the ixb participants bring their own router whether it's physically located next to the exchange point switch or isn't a ISPs premises a short distance away from the exchange point itself this moves the buffering problem of the exchange points which the security of the ISP connection is the responsibility of the ISP, not the internet exchange point.

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