So let us look at some sample configuration and we shall start with Cisco. Spanning Tree is enabled by default depending on the switch it might be pavilion spanning tree in which case you can select mst which we highly recommend you say spanning tree mode msd and then you can search the bridge priority to one two two um eight eight or twelve k in some cases that all you might have a switch that can only do pavilion spanning trees so you have to say spanning tree VLAN 1 priority and you set a priority and you have to repeat it again for every single VLAN that's configured on that switch to enable pod first feature on access ports you can say spanning tree port first default for hp you must enable spanning tree explicitly hps would come with spanning tree disabled by default so then you set the priority now in hp you don't set the priority number directly but you set a multiple of 4096 because i guess they wanted to make sure that people don't pick some random number so if you say priority three that is three times four zero nine six which is 12k to disable the pod first feature on the trunk port because in hp it's enabled by default you have to say no spanning tree and then the port number auto edge port juniper you must enable multiple spanning trees so set protocols mstp and then you set the bridge priority in this example to 12k the configuration allows you to just put a k which is one zero two four then you configure which ports are going to participate in multiple spanning tree by saying set protocols mstp interface in the interface name if you have a long list of ports then you can use the wildcard command which will allow you to set multiple ports at once so wildfield range and the rest of that command will create set protocols mstp interface commands for interfaces 0 up to 3. for net gear you must enable stp globally and on each port similar a little bit to juniper so from the web interface you go to spanning tree you click enable you click multiple spanning tree then you go to cst you set the priority then you go to the port and then you you enable spanning tree on each port on the command line you say spanning tree and then spanning tree mst priority 0 and 0 is the main instance and then you set the spine entry in this case to 24k then on the interface you say spanning tree port mode to enable spanning tree on that port.

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